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      The Qualified Expert for your Asbestos Testing needs 

      Asbestos Watch Central Coast is a professional contractor that can deliver asbestos testing services for domestic, commercial and government clients. Our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team consists of licensed professionals who are reliable and reputable to conduct all kinds of asbestos projects, including asbestos testing. From commercial to residential level, our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team can deliver asbestos testing effectively and efficiently.

      Why do you need to contact us?

      • Our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team are licensed professionals that can undertake asbestos testing jobs according to applicable national and local regulations. 
      • Our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team deliver quality services at realistic prices.
      • Our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team have been through extensive training to deliver all jobs safely.
      • You can rely on Asbestos Watch Central Coast for your asbestos testing job; Our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team are open to discussing a customised service to match your budget. 

      Don’t hesitate to contact our Asbestos Testing Sunshine Coast Team to get the latest information about our services. If you need a cost estimate, fill in our request a quote form or call us directly.  

      Asbestos during home renovations

      Renovating a house can be quite stressful sometimes, moreover when your house has asbestos within it. Most Australian buildings built before 1980 are highly likely to have asbestos. Therefore, if your house was built before this year, you need to check for the presence of asbestos before conducting any renovation work. Even a little mistake can lead to serious problems including health issues, criminal charges and fines. 

      If you are thinking of doing an asbestos testing work yourself, take care to wear the appropriate protective wear and follow the correct removal testing procedures. The government does not recommend a DIY attempt to handle asbestos materials. Asbestos mishandling can cause further contamination, it is recommended to leave sample testing to the professionals, such as Asbestos Watch Central Coast

      Asbestos exposure can lead to severe lung diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. Moreover, there is still no specific cure for asbestos diseases.

      Home Renovation Checklists 

      When it comes to asbestos testing, this issue should not take it lightly. Asbestos testing works should be performed by professionals only.

      You can follow the guidelines below to ensure safe asbestos testing has taken place:

      1. Find out the age of a building: It is important to know the age of your building to identify whether your place is likely to has asbestos materials or not. Ask the former owner or check the building’s report to see there is any record of past asbestos existence.
      2. See any sign of damage:  If you happen to find asbestos products in your place, then you should monitor its condition. Once asbestos is damaged, is when the material becomes a problem, asbestos fibres can become airborne. Let the experts handle the asbestos testing work for you, as they ensure to encapsulate any testing area, mitigating risk of floating fibre.
      3. If in doubt, test:  If you suspect asbestos, treat the material as though it IS asbestos until notified otherwise by a test. Contact Asbestos Watch Central Coast to perform these testing works to ensure your health and safety.

      If you know that your property contains those life threatening material, don’t panic. Contact asbestos removal Central Coast to save the life of your family. Always be smart and be safe.

      Further reading:

      Our asbestos testing Processes

      Save your time searching for experts, contact Asbestos Watch Central Coast. Our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team are trained to manage asbestos materials in the legally required way.

      Our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team may perform these processes: 

      1. Collect samples carefully

        Our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team are accredited technicians that can safely take samples from your place. Our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team will ensure there will be no contamination in the area from the test performed.

      2. Testing Samples Via A Nata Accredited Lab and or XRF Laser Spectrometry

        The samples may be analysed by polarized light microscopy (PLM) or scanning electron microscope (SEM). Upon testing completion, our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team will send the lab report to you via email.

        Testing gun for asbestos used in Asbestos Watch Central Coast

      3. Perform site decontamination

        Our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team also provide decontamination services. The process may consist of:

        • Consulting to decide where and which decontamination method is best used;
        • Decontaminate the property as well as items inside the contaminated zone (where possible, not all items can be decontaminated, such as curtains and carpets);
        • Properly transport the asbestos waste to be disposed of at an EPA-approved facility;
        • Conduct air monitoring when required.

      Contact our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team to get a free, customised quote for your project. Simply fill-in our quote form or call us directly and our Asbestos Testing Central Coast Team will respond to your enquiries as soon as possible.