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Renovation Time: Do’s and Don’ts

Renovating your house can be quite stressful sometimes. Especially, when your house has an asbestos containing material (ACM). You need to be extra careful when handling it. A little mistake can lead to serious problems including criminal charges and fines or even worse, death.

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However, you don’t need to be worried since there are professional contractors who can handle this material safely for you. Through us, you can find trusted experts to handle your asbestos testing problems!

Most Australian buildings built prior to 1980 are highly likely to have ACMs. Therefore, you need to check the presence of fibrous materials before conducting any renovation works, if your house was built before this era.

Now, be careful. Checking the existence of ACM products in your place is not as easy as it sounds. Friable substances can’t be seen by the naked eyes. Thus, you need proper equipment to perform the inspection work.

Don’t think about checking the ACM products by yourself! The government highly not recommends a DIY attempt to handle the harmful materials. A mishandling can cause further contamination, which is dangerous for people’s lives. The hazardous substances can lead to severe lung diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. Moreover, there is still no specific cure for asbestos diseases.

Now let’s be wise and create a proper control plan before initiating a renovation project. Get asbestos testing Central Coast services to ensure a safe renovation or demolition project. Make safety a reality, not a fatality!

The Asbestos Testing Central Coast Guide

List of contents:

  1. Renovation’s to Do List
  2. Caution! Don’t do This at Home
  3. How to get connected with experts
  4. Proper way to test for ACMs

Section 1: Renovation’s to Do List

Always put safety as your highest priority. Especially, when it comes to handling ACMs. Thus, before conducting any renovation work you must perform a thorough inspection in your property to check for their existence. Asbestos testing Central Coast works should be performed by professionals only. Moreover, samples must be tested by a qualified assessor through a NATA certified laboratory.

You can follow the guideline below to ensure a safe sampling and testing procedure:

  1. Find out the building’s age. It is important to know the age of your building to identify whether your place is safe from friable materials or not. Ask the former owner or check the building’s report to see any record of fibrous materials existence.
  2. See any sign of damage. If you happened to find fibrous products in your place, then you have to safely check their condition. Just observe them from a safe distance and figure out whether they are still in good condition or not. Because once they get damaged, the friable substances can easily go airborne.
  3. Take a wise decision and have them tested. You will never know exactly when the fibre products in your place get weathered. So, don’t be hasty when it comes to safety. You’ve done your role and now get an expert to have the rest of the procedures safely done for you!


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Section 2: Caution! Don’t do this at your home

If you ever think to do a sampling and testing work by yourself: DON’T!

An ACM can turns into a huge problem if you can’t handle it right. You can’t simply break it, saw it, cut it and not even scrub it to check it. Moreover, carelessly handling the hazardous products can lead to criminal charges and fines. Why put your life and money at risk?

The sampling and testing process of friable products cannot be delivered safely without using special designed tools. You also need a set of protective gears to prevent the risk of fibre exposure. So, you better be wise and let the experts deliver asbestos testing Central Coast jobs.

Section 3: How to get connected with experts

Worry no more because through Asbestos Watch Central Coast you can get professional contractors to deliver asbestos testing Central Coast services. Our members only consist of A-Class licensed holders who are reliable and reputable to finish all kind of fibre-related problem. From commercial to residential level, they can deliver the jobs effectively and efficiently.

Still need more reasons to trust our experts? Doubt no more:

  • We only choose contractors with A-Class certification. We selectively choose the contractors who can perform fibre inspection safely. Since the government gives great attention on fibre issues, we already gather experts who deliver quality services in the most secure manner. Our professional asbestos removal contractors have been through extensive trainings to deliver all jobs safely.
  • We make it easy for you to access our experts. We appreciate your time; therefore we offer you nothing but a straightforward process to find yourself the best expert. Connect easily with our experts – online or via mobile!
  • Competitive prices for great services. You can comfortably rely on our members; they are open to discuss a customised service to match your spending budget. They will give you services that meet your needs.

Section 4: Proper way to test for ACMs

Save your time searching for experts here! We can easily connect you with competent contractors right away. They are capable to manage harmful substances in the most proper way.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Collecting samples carefully: Our professional contractors will send accredited technicians to safely take samples from your place. They will ensure you there are no further contamination in the area. They will collect enough samples to make a representative result and have them tested.
  2. Test the samples via NATA certified laboratory: Asbestos testing process can only be done in a laboratory with NATA certification. Therefore, you can’t simply test it with DIY testing kits.
  3. Environment testing: Our professional contractors also provide services to detect contaminated soil.
  4. The decontamination of the site: our experts also provide decontamination services. The process may consists of:
  • Giving consultation to decide which decontamination method suitable the most;
  • Sterilise all facilities including tools and equipment used for testing;
  • Properly transport the toxic waste to be disposed of in a legal landfill;
  • Conduct air monitoring to complete all of testing procedures.

Don’t be safety blinded, be safety minded! Get connected with our professional contractors now and get your fibre-related problems solved in no time. Get 100% free quotes now!