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How Safe is Your Roof?
Do you own a house built before 1985? If the answer is yes, then your house may contain asbestos cement sheeting. Asbestos cement sheeting is a construction material used in many NSW houses. If your house was built before this year, then it is highly likely to have fibrous cement sheeting in it.

At the time the cement roof is damaged or deteriorated, harmful fibres can be released and inhaled by people. Further, the fibres can reach and lodge within the lungs for years. Now, asbestos-containing material (ACM) has been declared a hazardous substance and imposes very severe health risks.

As a result, should you find that this mineral is in your building; this is not a DIY job that you can conduct over a weekend. Instead, you need to partner with a contractor that is highly trained and experienced and knows not only how best to extract the ACM but also how to dispose of it in a way that will satisfy the authorities and Health Services.

Are you at risk?

Risk Exposure Dose Who Description
Extreme Daily Millions x background Asbestos mine workers In Australia, all ACM mining stopped by 1983
High Frequent 100-1000s x background Builders Unsafe practices increase the risk of diseases
Medium Occasional 100-1000s x background Home renovator Unsafe removal in home renovation projects
Low Occasional 10-100s x background Homeowners Incident, such as unsafe demolition or removal, next door
Very low Constant Background General public Air naturally has a low level of fibres


Removing Asbestos Roof in Central Coast

Main contents

  1. Why a DIY roof removal project is dangerous
  2. Hiring the right contractor
  3. Steps to remove fibrous roofing products

Why a DIY roof removal project is dangerous

Construction work on roofs is considered risky when it involves:

  • A risk of an individual falling more than 2 meters
  • Demolition of a structure or an element that is load-bearing or related to the physical integrity of the roof structure
  • Involves the disturbance of non-friable ACMs
  • Is performed near energized electrical installations.

asbestos roof removal Central Coast - DIY Ilustration

Falls from height are one of the main causes of injury and death when working on roofs. Weather conditions such as rain, fragile surfaces, and overbalancing are some of the causes of falls. Falls from even low heights can leave people with permanent injuries such as spinal cord injuries, fractures, and brain damage.

This is why if you are thinking of removing your fibrous roofs, it will be necessary for you to get in contact with companies that specialise in asbestos roof removal Central Coast jobs.

External resources:

  1. Safe Work Australia
  2. Fair Trading NSW –

Hiring the right contractor

It is likely that most companies you contact will be fully qualified and licensed to carry out the removals, but you should still check before partnering with a business. Having already had a survey done, the worker will know exactly where to locate the ACMs in the building and can put together a plan to remove these. First off, it is necessary to notify the authorities and to give them at least 14 days’ notice before the actual removal begins. This is all part of ensuring that you are legally compliant.

Depending on the size of your job, you should check whether the removal company you contract with could cope with a bigger project. For example, while the process remains the same, the set-up and planning for asbestos removal in a factory, warehouse or school would require proper organization and equipment on a larger scale than for a private home.

Rather than wasting so much energy and time looking for a trusted contractor, you can easily find one through us. Through us, you can get connected with pre-screened and fully A-class licensed contractors who offer quality asbestos roof removal Central Coast services.

Here are top 3 reasons why you need to contact our approved members:

  1. They are competent and professional: We only endorse removalists who have A-class license, training, certification, and experiences. Rest assured our removalist will deliver the desired results to you.
  2. Quality services, value costs: Feel free to ask for free quotes from our team before the beginning of your project. They offer free and no-commitment quotes for all clients who seek their services through us. They strive to deliver exceptional quality services at competitive prices.
  3. They can handle projects of all size: We can handle jobs of all size; no matter how small or big the scale is. They offer fibre roof removal Central Coast services for residential until commercial building owners.

removing asbestos roof in Central Coast house

Steps to remove fibrous roofing products

The main reason why you have to get an expert for an asbestos roof removal Central Coast job is to ensure your health and safety. Experts will do their best to prevent contamination to the surrounding area.

Your neighbor’s safety is also at stake! This is why you need to leave the work to an expert.

Our trusted removalist will firstly check your roof to see if fibres contaminate it. They may perform and sampling and send the samples to an accredited lab for a further testing. Only a microscopic analysis in a NATA approved lab can detect the presence of fibres. Here are the inspection processes that our contractors will do:


  1. Check all accessible and inaccessible spots
  2. Looking for damage or deterioration signs
  3. Take pictures of all doubtful materials and document them in your asbestos register
  4. Take samples from the doubtful material
  5. Deliver the final report to you

After an inspection, the removalist will assess whether your roof needs to be repair, removed, or replaced.

When they need to remove your old roofs, we will perform these steps:

  • During removal of roofing, they will spread sheets of plastic on the ground, around the area where the fibrous roofing will be removed.
  • Take precaution measures and wear protective clothing, hand gloves, shoe covers or boots and the appropriate respirator (N100 or HE) during the process.
  • Those who are not involved in the process or are not in the appropriate protective gear will be asked to stay away from the area in which the fibrous roofing is being removed.
  • Use water and liquid soap to spray using a pump, in order to wet the roofing to reduce dust.
  • Starting from the topside of the roofing, use a flat ply bar to remove the fibrous roofing.
  • After removing the contaminated roofing, the removalist will keep it wet to prevent it from drying up and producing dust particle.
  • On completion of removing the contaminated roofing, they will put the material in sealed plastic bags and dispose it appropriately to a landfill used to handle hazardous waste.
  • Remove any protective clothing and seal in a plastic bag. Dispose of it appropriately.

Besides asbestos roof removal Central Coast services, our approved contractors also offer these services:

  • Inspection and testing
  • Asbestos removal in external and internal wall cladding, bathroom and kitchen wall tiles, fencing, eave lining, sheeting, internal linings of the floor and ceilings
  • Disposal
  • Decontamination
  • Demolition
  • Management plan

We are here to provide you with exceptional quality services at great prices – every time! They are eager to help you get rid of contaminated roofing products from your property completely, in the safest way. Waste no more time; get 3 free quotes from our contractor members today!