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Save Your Money, Avoid Illegal Dumping Fines

Many people think that dumping asbestos containing materials (ACMs) is an easy work. But less do they know that illegally dumping this hazardous material can lead to serious criminal charges and fines. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) unit is collaborating with the local government to fight against asbestos illegal dumping. They have released regulations to prevent any ACM contamination to the environment.

In 2015, a man has been charged with $63,000 after illegally dispose asbestos contaminated soil. The 3,600 tonnes of contaminated soil was transported to an empty free space, which is unlawful to be used as a landfill site.

The Director of Waste and Resource Recovery, NSW EPA, stated, “The defendant showed no regard for the risk to human life in the transportation and dumping of asbestos contaminated soil”.

Never underestimate the environmental and health impact from an illegal dumping act! The impact of carelessly handling the hazardous materials can be seen in the future. Prolonged exposure to ACM fibres can cause severe lung illnesses and even death. Therefore, the government released several regulations and guidelines to raise people’s awareness of illegal dumping dangers.

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The only way to safely handle fibrous materials is to get help and advise from a professional removalist. Fibrous material removal works can only be done safely by an expert. Only an expert can deliver the remediation jobs thoroughly, starting from:

  • Conducting an initial inspection through the building;
  • Removing all fibrous products properly and safely;
  • Transporting and disposing of all hazardous wastes in the most secure manner.

You don’t need to waste your time and energy to handle it by yourself. You don’t even need to worry about the legal issues. Through professionals, everything will be taken care of in the right way.

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Central Coast Asbestos Removal Project

Section 1: Where can you find fibrous materials?

ACM was widely used in most Australian homes. You might find it in various kinds of products. It was a very popular material to use until the production was banned completely in 2003. The fibres, which might be released when an ACM product is damaged, are dangerous for human’s lives.

Fibrous materials can lead to severe lung diseases including asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. Which is up until now, there’s still no medicine to cure the illness.

The hazardous substance was usually mixed with other materials to create a better quality product. You can find fibre products in residential and commercial buildings. Fibre products are most commonly use as:

  • Attic and wall insulation
  • Drywall compounds
  • Textured Painting
  • Siding shingles
  • Roofing – Read how to remove roof asbestos
  • Fencing products
  • Pipe insulation
  • Floor tiles

Raise your awareness of ACM dangers! Especially, if your building was built before the 1980’s, there is a high chance to get exposed to fibre dust. So, don’t wait until it’s too late. Get professional contractors to conduct removal works right away.

Section 2: What to do when you find asbestos

If you think you have an ACM product in your property, then the first thing you need to do is to make sure that it’s not broken. Don’t touch it! Carefully look for the condition and if you are still unsure then get a removalist to do an inspection. Living along with harmful materials is really dangerous. Therefore, you need to take a wise action to deal with it.

Asbestos removal Central Coast services can help you deal with this problem. Don’t be hasty when it comes to safety. You have to take care of it before it’s too late. Create a clean and safe environment for a better future.

Section 3: How to Get the Right Removalist

As discussed above, the government takes illegal dumping issues seriously. The government will fine people who risk themselves and cause harm to their surroundings. So, don’t take that risk and get yourself a professional contractor to do fibre removal jobs right away!

Home for professional asbestos removalists.

Our members are trained to deliver quality services to remove fibrous materials from your property. So, save your time for looking professional contractors through us! We only endorse professional contractors with A-Class certification.

Why Exactly Do You Need Our Help:

  • We give you straightforward process: We know exactly how hard it is to find a trusted removalist. Therefore, we have done the jobs for you! Through our website, you can get connected to pre-screened, great removalists in the Central Coast region. There is no need to get stressed out by searching for contractors through local papers or Internet search. Getting a trusted removalist through us is as easy as 1,2,3!
  • We only endorse highly skilled and experienced contractors: We put our client’s needs and safety as our highest priority. Therefore, we only endorse reputable and reliable professional contractors to deliver the best services in handling fibre-related problems. Our experts have been through an extensive training to conduct fibre remediation works. They will finish the jobs properly according to the applicable regulations.
  • Our experts are efficient and effective in every job: We are committed to serve you only with quality services at value prices. Therefore, in order to achieve the highest standard of fibre-related services, our experts are eager to finish all works efficiently and effectively.
  • Our members give their best to fulfill all clients’ needs: Our experts will always provide you with quality services to fulfill your needs. They will analyse the working area thoroughly. They will not deliver “one size fits all” services because every project is unique and needs special care in handling it. So, leave your worry behind and face the problems together with our removalists!

Asbestos Watch Central Coast connects you with A-Class licensed contractors who deliver reliable asbestos removal Central Coast works. Safety is not just a slogan; it is a way of life. Connect with our members now and get 100% free quotes today!

Section 4: Asbestos removal Central Coast: handle it right!

Our experts will conduct all removal jobs properly. They will perform a 3-step process to eliminate all fibrous materials completely from your property.

Three step remediation process:

Step 1: Perform a pre-inspection

The very important thing to do before conducting a removal work is to have an inspection of existing fibrous materials in your place. The removal process will have to be conducted efficiently. Therefore, the removalist must obtain enough information to make a good control plan. Through a proper sampling and testing process, our endorsed assessors will make a brief report of fibre contamination in your place. This is to ensure that the removal work will be delivered safely.

Step 2: High-quality asbestos removal services

Our experts will put their best effort to bring the desired results to you. They will first seal the contaminated area to keep your building occupants safe from fibre exposure. Then they will put on protective gears and use proper equipment to conduct the removal process. They will also perform encapsulation processes to prevent contamination to other areas.

Step 3: Disposal of hazardous waste

As we know, the process of disposing of hazardous materials can’t be handled carelessly. Our A-Class licensed contractors will do the disposal process safely by transporting the waste in a leak-proof vehicle. They will provide bags/containers to transport it before they hand it over to the authorities of the legal landfill.

Be smart, be safe! Get help from our professional contractors to ensure a safe asbestos removal project. Don’t cost your safety at risk. Get 3 free quotes from pre-screened removalists now!