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      Do you believe that your premises has asbestos? If you feel that asbestos is present in your property, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the asbestos material is not broken or damaged in any way. 

      If you presume a material contains asbestos, don’t touch it.  Look for a signs of damage and wear. If you are still unsure whether it contains asbestos, contact our Asbestos Removal Central Coast Team to inspect the material and your premises. Living with a hazardous material such as asbestos is dangerous. Thus, take action to eliminate asbestos exposure and hazards. 

      Why you need our help:

      • We are highly skilled and experienced contractors: We put client’s requirements and safety as their highest priority. Our team of experts have been through extensive training to conduct asbestos removal jobs safely. Rest assured we will conduct the job properly according to the applicable regulations.
      • Our team are efficient and effective in every job: We are committed to serve you only with quality asbestos removal services at value prices. Therefore, in order to achieve the highest standard of asbestos removal services, our team of specialists are eager to finish all works efficiently and effectively.
      • Our team give their best to fulfil all clients’ needs: They will always provide you with quality services to fulfil your needs. Our team will analyse the working area thoroughly. We will not deliver “one size fits all” services because every project is unique and needs special care in handling it.

      What is asbestos? 

      Asbestos was widely used in most Australian homes. You might find it in various kinds of products. It was a very popular material to use until the production was banned completely in 2003. The fibres, which might be released when an asbestos product is damaged, are dangerous.

      Asbestos materials can lead to severe lung diseases including asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. Until today, there’s still no medicine to cure this illness.

      Commonly, asbestos was mixed with other materials to create a better quality product. You can find asbestos products in residential and commercial buildings.

      Asbestos products are most commonly used as:

      • Ceiling and wall insulation
      • Textured Painting
      • Siding shingles
      • Roofing
      • Fencing products
      • Pipe insulation
      • Floor tiles

      Asbestos has caused death to many people. Make sure you protect your family from asbestos. To find out more on how to save your loved ones from asbestos, check out our asbestos testing Central Coast. Always be smart and be safe.

      Further reading


      Explained below are the most common processes we will undertake to remove asbestos from your premises.

      1. Step 1: Perform a pre-inspection

        A very important thing to do before conducting a removal is to perform a pre-inspection at your premises. The asbestos removal process is conducted quickly and efficiently, therefore, the removalist must obtain enough information to create an effective control plan. This is to ensure that the asbestos removal job will be delivered safely.

      2. Step 2: High-quality asbestos removal services

        Our Asbestos Removal Specialists Central Coast Team’s best efforts will bring about the desired results you want. We will first seal the contaminated area to keep other areas and occupants safe from asbestos exposure. We will put on protective PPE gear and use proper asbestos rated equipment to conduct the asbestos removal.

      3. Step 3: Disposal of asbestos waste

        Once our Asbestos Disposal Central Coast Team are done with the asbestos removal job, we will dispose of the asbestos waste to an EPA approved asbestos waste collection site. Many people assume that the disposal process of asbestos waste is relatively easy and they can do this process on their own. Many people are not aware of the rules regarding asbestos waste, and illegal dumping can lead to serious criminal charges and fines. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) unit is collaborating with the local government to fight against asbestos illegal dumping. These departments have released regulations governing the disposal of asbestos waste. Asbestos Watch Central Coast only dumps at approved asbestos waste facilities, using EPA approved vehicles to transport the waste.

      Be smart, be safe! Get help from our Asbestos Removal Central Coast Team to ensure a safe job done well. Don’t put your safety at risk. 

      Asbestos Watch Central Coast: Reliable asbestos removal service provider

      The only way to safely handle an asbestos removal job is to get help and advise from a professional removalist. Asbestos removal jobs are best left to the experts.

      • Conducting an initial inspection at the premises.
      • Removing all asbestos products properly and safely.
      • Dispose of asbestos waste rightfully.

      Asbestos Watch Removal Process at Central Coast

      Our team of experts are trained to deliver quality services. Contact our friendly experts if you need further assistance or fill-in our request a quote form to get a free quote.