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Save Your Pocket: Manage Asbestos Today!

Asbestos was a popular building material in Australia. Almost 2/3 of Australian buildings contain asbestos. But, do you know that asbestos containing material (ACM) was completely banned in 2003? It was banned since exposure to ACM can lead to severe lung illnesses including mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Moreover, there is still no potential cure for those diseases yet. Therefore, the government put great attention on the health issues caused by the harmful substance.

The harmful material is not only dangerous for your health; it also affects the property value. The presence of fibre in your place can decrease your property value down by 30%. It even takes a longer time to sell buildings with fibre. Thus, asbestos management plan Central Coast is very important to save the price of your property. It can be the legal evidence that your building is safe from fibre materials.

management plan of asbestos in Central Coast

Moreover, companies are obligated to protect their employees from being exposed to fibre materials. There are fines for property owners who don’t have an asbestos management plan (AMP) in place.

You better spend your budget to make an AMP than losing $ 150,000 for fines.

However, always keep in mind that the existence of AMP is not only to satisfy the legal requirements but also to ensure your employee’s safety.

Put safety as your highest priority. Create a better control plan for your building by getting asbestos management plan Central Coast services today!

The Central Coast Asbestos Management Plan Work

List of content:

  1. What can you get from an AMP?
  2. Get a professional AMP assessor; there’s no time to waste anymore!
  3. How an AMP works?

What Can You Get from an AMP?

Asbestos management plan Central Coast services help you to identify the location of fibre products within the property. These actions are needed to prevent people from getting exposed to the harmful materials. So, people can acknowledge the presence of fibrous materials and know how to face them. Therefore, AMP covers:

  1. Communication Plan: One of the most essential parts of an AMP is the communication plan. People need to know which products are safe from fibres and not. Therefore, the AMP helps building owners to identify the products use within your place. Fibre products will be labeled and people will be warned about the harmful products. So, whenever there’s any potential hazard from the broken fibre products, people know which one to avoid and how to respond.
  2. Action Plan: An action Plan a document that consists of five columns. The first one tells you the location of the fibre products; whether they are inside or outside the property. The second column gives you detail about the products that contain fibres such as floors, doors, roofing, fencing and so on. The third part leads you to take appropriate actions in handling the fibrous materials, which may suggest you to perform a repair work, or even to do none. The fourth one gives you the time limit and date to take the chosen action. And the last column shows people in charged to undertake the actions such as building contractors or electrical engineers.
  3. Site Plan: A site plan represents the property in the form of an image. It contains detail information about the building, completed with a thorough fibrous products list. It helps to easily visualize the location of ACM products in the building.
  4. Asbestos Register: Last but not least is asbestos register. This document is crucial to prove that the building has successfully managed all of the fibrous products properly. It states all of the information related to fibre products in your place including the concentration, condition, material score, access and the priority score within the building.

Knowing that an AMP is really important for your asset value. Take a wise decision to create a control plan. Raise your awareness on the danger of fibrous products from now on!

Get a Professional AMP Assessor; There’s No Time to Waste Anymore!

As we know, fibrous materials have potential risks to human’s lives. It is better for you to prevent yourself from getting exposed to harmful materials than regret it later. There is no reason to hold the action for a little longer. Safety isn’t expensive; it’s priceless. So, get your professional assessor now!

Searching for the right assessor is quite exhausting sometimes, but you don’t have to worry anymore! Asbestos Watch Central Coast is home for professional asbestos removal contractors. Creating a sound asbestos management plan Central Coast is one of our endorsed member’s expertises. Thus, leave all the fibre problems to our experts!

Our experts are eager to give you exceptional services to solve fibre problems. They are highly skilled and competent to deliver the jobs safely.

And here’s exactly why you need our help!

  • We provide you with a simple procedure. Facing fibrous issues is already overwhelming; thus we don’t want to add more weight to your time and energy with complicated processes just to find a suitable contractor. We give you the easiest and the most straightforward process to connect with quality removalists. We only endorse high-skilled assessors who have A-Class certification. They have what it takes to create the best management plan for you.
  • They handle everything professionally. Whether in a commercial or even residential level, our members will always give the best services to deliver the jobs. They are committed to fulfill your needs in the most secure manner. Therefore, trust our approved experts to get it done for you!
  • Reasonably priced services with high-quality results. Your safety is our priority; therefore, we only connect you with professional and competent contractors! They will openly discuss your requirements, budget, and also timeline. Therefore, there is no need to be hasty to get fibre-related services through us anymore.

How an Asbestos Management Plan Works?

Discover how our contractor members will work with you to put an excellent management plan:

1. Developing a comprehensive AMP for your business

Our members will create an AMP that has clear objectives. All information related to safe handling of ACMs will be included in the document. Our endorsed assessors may conduct sampling and asbestos testing to gather enough data to develop the management plan. Our experts will investigate all accessible area in the building such as around your fences, roofs, ceilings, sheets and floors. They will also dispose of the waste responsibly in an authorized landfill. Read about asbestos roof removal here.

Central Coast asbestos management plan

2. Creating and updating your current asbestos register

Our approved experts are going to deliver the jobs completely. Therefore, they will also check your asbestos register and update it, if you already have one. They will never leave you with an outdated data.

3. Delivering periodic update based upon request

You need to review the AMP every five years according to the local and national guideline. Our members might perform the review sooner if:

  • A contaminated material is damaged and needs to be cleaned.
  • The current control measure is no longer adequate.
  • The health and safety department is requesting a re-evaluation process.

Safety is about doing the right thing, even if no one is looking. So keep yourself safe! Get free quotes from our members to professionally solve your fibre-related problems!