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10 Tips to Have a Cleaner Bedroom

A bedroom is where the magic happens, and it’s a sanctuary to recharge your energy for the next day.  But what would happen if your bedroom is filled with some hidden hazard that can harm your health?  Check out the rest of the article by hitting the Read More button!

Most of the time, we usually spend 6-8 hours in bed to get a decent sleep.  However, you may have no idea that there are several things that consume your health slowly. Below are the hazards that need your full attention to have a clean and healthier bedroom.


10 Tips to Have a Cleaner Bedroom


Breathes safely!

  • Keep the air circulation better by opening the windows every day. A good air flow will provide you with fresh air and void the contaminated air out of the room.
  • Having plants in your bedroom will not only add up its aesthetic value, but they can also provide fresh oxygen and filter out hazardous substances from detergent, cleaner, and fragrance products.
  • Installing an air purifier can help you to get cleaner air and protect you from micro hazards, such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen. Just don’t forget to choose a good air purifier, which doesn’t make loud noises.  Or else it will disturb your sleep and make you stressed out with the sound.

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Keep it clean

  • You have to remember that a clean bed sheet and pillow doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be harmed by anything. You have to pay close attention to dust mites and dirt, which accumulate every single day.
  • You may also consider to wash the bedding to remove the dead skin, dust mites, and grime because those things can trigger some health disorders like asthma or acne. But you don’t have to clean your pillowcases, duvet, and bed sheet too often. A frequent washing activity in every one or two weeks is enough to get rid of all the dirt and mites from your bedding.
  • You should also let the air out of your bedding and mattress to remove the moisture trapped inside of them. Damped pillows and mattress will become a good environment for dust mites to grow rapidly.  So, take your time to let the air flow beneath your bed sheet and pillow to let them dry for a few minutes when you’re making your bed in the morning.


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Keep the toxic away

  • Try to choose some pillows, which is free of chemical compounds. Ergonomic head rests are often causing problems like eye irritation, headaches, and nausea because they release some VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).  You can replace them with some pillows made of wool, feathers, or any other organic material.
  • Have you got a mattress with a flame retardant feature? You should get rid of it fast. This kind of mattress is doused with chemicals that make it fire proof.  However, the chemicals have been linked to some health problems like fertility, cancer, and congenital disabilities.
  • You should try to consider to move your office away from the bedroom. By doing so, you will get more space and reduce the risk from any hazards emitted from the office equipment.
  • Have your bedroom, as well as the other parts of the property, checked for asbestos containing material (ACM) like asbestos cement sheeting, which was commonly used in old buildings. The ACM fibers are known for causing health disorders such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. You have to hire a professional to investigate ACM contamination in your property because you may not have sufficient knowledge to remove the ACM properly.


Flash Info

ACMs are dangerous, and they can be in your fence, floor tiles, asbestos cement sheeting wall, or even roofing material.  Though you are allowed to handle a small amount of ACM, an expert must be the one in handling safely friable and non-friable asbestos cement sheeting more than 10 sq. metres. Making a DIY attempt is NOT RECOMMENDED because the regulations administer that someone who’s handling this remediation jobs must own a proper training certification and a suitable license.  Thus, he can do a safe working procedure efficiently without harming his clients and workers.

Moreover, a good removalist will be able to conduct a thorough inspection to identify the ACMs in a building, creating a suitable control plan, conducting a clean and safe asbestos removal procedure of all asbestos cement sheeting and other contaminated materials, decontaminate, and transporting bags of contaminated waste to an approved disposal facility.

Should you worry about the cost of hiring an expert?

First of all, an ACM remediation service is not cheap.  You can get shocked with the prices offered by the contractors.  But it’s worth the money.  Just consider the money you’ll spend on a certified removalist service is the cost of saving your life and the people around you.



A bedroom is a sacred place, which can be your personal heaven on earth. You can make some changes in your bedroom that can add up to the level of comforts.  However, you must also be aware of the danger, which can harm your health.

You can follow 10 tips to have a clean and healthy bedroom:

  • keep a good air circulation
  • put some plants inside the room
  • purify the room with an air purifier
  • beware of dust mites and other dirt collected on your bed
  • clean your bedding every 1 or 2 weeks
  • dry your pillows and mattress from any trapped moisture
  • choose chemical-free bedding
  • avoid using a fireproof mattress
  • separate your home office from the bedroom
  • watch out for any material made of ACM


WARNING: Leave the asbestos cement sheeting or other ACM to the expert, or you’ll expose yourself to the dangerous fibers.

In spite of the hazards lurking in your bedroom, you can decorate the room any way you like it.  The more comfort you get; the higher quality of rest you’ll get.  Just be careful, don’t make it too cosy!  Or else, you will never want to leave you bedroom.


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